Global CCS Institute to facilitate CCS knowledge sharing in Europe

The Global CCS Institute has won a tender to provide secretariat and knowledge dissemination services for the European Commission’s Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Demonstration Project Network.

The Institute, together with consortium partners TNO, IFP and SINTEF, will provide these services for four years. Delivery of the service started in March 2012.


Currently comprising six leading CCS projects, the Network fosters knowledge sharing amongst European CCS proponents and stakeholders, and strives to improve public understanding of the contribution this technology can make to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Services under the €3 million agreement comprise coordination of network secretariat, communications activities, aggregation and dissemination of data, and meeting facilitation.




For more information about upcoming CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) in Southeast Europe ensure you secure your place at our upcoming energy event:

- 3rd Annual CCS Forum: Realising the potential of CCS- (December 2012, London)