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Michael Davey

Independent Member of the Executive Board

Vomic Nur Shah

Regional Head for Business Development - EMEA
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S.Cihan Sensoy

Assistant Manager

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Taxture Global Tax Advice is a boutique international advisory firm located in Amsterdam that provides a full range of tax advisory, compliance, audit, legal and notarial services. 

Taxture team has a wide experience in their respective areas of specialisations and provide a complimentary integrated service in complex areas requiring an in depth understanding of  tax, legal, notarial and financial issues.

Taxture does not just advise.  We provide a turn key service for the realisation of your projects from start to finish. We take responsibility for the whole process in turning your requirements into viable projects in the context of international corporate practice and specific conditions of local administration and jurisdiction.  We lead the process  from inception to close out working closely with our clients during planning and implementation.

Taxture has conducted projects in a large number of countries.  In particular,  we have a strong presence in Turkey following a long and successful track record in this special environment. 

Taxture has a transparent company culture and prides itself in conducting an open relationship with its clients. Our long experience permits us to carry out an in depth analysis of the  risks and opportunities set against local and international constraints.    

Taxture will be proud to act as your solution partner in your next venture reaching across international markets.  

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