3rd Annual Baltic Energy

The 3rd Annual Baltic Energy Conference took place on 8-9 November 2011 in the Radisson Blu Hotel in Vilnius, Lithuania. Bringing together over 100 national and international representatives from leading organisations in the Energy sector, the event addressed key issues regarding the future energy market in the Baltic region. Particular emphasis was placed on the future of Gas and Offshore Wind, with additional discussions on Grid Development, the impact of the 3rd Energy Package and the Bankability of Renewable Energy projects.

Key topics:
•    Generation options and security of supply
•    Creating a sustainable and competitive energy market for investment
•    The challenges of providing an integrated and distributed electricity grid
•    Financing mechanisms for renewable energy projects
•    Mobilising private sector financing and understanding the risks
•    The future of Gas
•    Projects in Biomass, Wind (Offshore and Onshore opportunities)

Key speakers included:
•    Prof. Jurgis Vilemas, Academy of Science
•    Mr Martin Kruus, CEO, 4 Energia
•    Mr Andreas Wagner, CEO, German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation
•    Mr Adam de Sola Pool, CEO, EIP
•    Ms Elo Tamm, Head of the Competition & Energy Teams, & Associate Partner, LAWIN
•    Mr Ari Suomilammi, Vice President, Gasum Oy
•    Mr Krister Poole Jönsson, Vice President Sales Nordic & Baltics, Vestas
•    Mr Stasys Paulauskas, President, Lithuanian Wind Energy Association
•    Mrs Simona Apostol-Siegl, Country Coordinator Baltics, UniCredit Leasing
•    Mr Joachim Hockertz, Deputy General Manager, Lietuvos Dujos
•    Mr Saulius Bilys, Strategic Development Division Chief, Lietuvos Dujos
•    Mr Nils Lannefors, Regional Sales & Marketing Director, Alstom Power
•    Mr Christian Weiß, Managing Director, Rostock Business and Technology Development GmbH
•    Mr Szymon Polak, Director of Energy Policy, Department of Economic Policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
•    Mr Gatis Junghans, Head of Trade Development Division, Latvenergo AS
•    Mr Miguel de Vasconcelos Ferreira, Executive Board Member, Megajoule
•    Mr Vytautas Bučiūnas, Head of Corporate Banking Division, Swedbank
•    Mr Matti Hyyrynen, Head of Vilnius Resident Office, EBRD
•    Mr Thomas Schmidt, Head of Office, EIB
•    Mr Vilius Girkontas, Senior Manager, Nordic Investment Bank
•    Mr Arnis Staltmanis, Board Member, A/S Augstspriegumu tīkli
•    Mr Bo Henriksson, Managing Director, ABB
•    Mr Vygantas Vaitkus, Commissioner, National Control Commission for Prices & Energy
•    Prof. Edvins Karnitis, Advisor to the Chairman, Public Utilities Commission

Chairman Jurgis Vilemas (Lithuanian Academy of Science) opened the event with an introduction to the issues associated with the Baltic region and the role of new Nuclear generation capacity. Selene Rebane (ICIS Heren) followed, discussing the implementation of the EU 3rd Energy Package in the Baltics and the impacts of unbundling, an issue which was debated throughout the event. Martin Kruus (4Energia) presented on the future of renewables in the Baltics, with some detailed case studies of Wind projects in Estonia, also introducing the idea of job creation in the renewable sector. The introductory session closed and an extended networking session hosted by UniCredit followed, this was an excellent opportunity to exchange business cards and ideas.

Dedicated to the development of the Baltic electricity grid, the next session was opened by Piotr Syryczynski (WS Atkins Polska), who provided a detailed and ambitious strategy for the development of an offshore electricity grid with 5 hubs in the South Baltic Sea. Although ambitious, it was well received by the audience and provided some interesting topics for the proceeding panel discussion. Piotr hosted the panel discussion with contributions from Gatis Junghans (Latvenergo), Bo Henriksson (ABB) and Arnis Staltmanis (A/S Augstspriegumu tīkli). Debate was focused mainly around the challenges facing BEMIP and the opportunities for non-conventional grid connections, including the future of the Baltic grid and the requirements to incorporate new generation capacities, such as Nuclear projects in the East and possible offshore Wind developments in the Baltic Sea.

Following the networking lunch break, the final afternoon session focused on the Future of Gas and was opened by Elo Tamm (Lawin) who provided an overview of the regulatory market in the Baltics. This was followed by Saulius Bilys (Lietuvos Dujos) with “The case for gas: Diversification of gas supply sources”, which included topics on LitPol and the proposed Lithuanian LNG terminal. Ari Suomilammi (Gasum Oy) proceeded, discussing FinnGulf LNG and the Balticconnector, then Jurga Lazauskiene (LGT) closed the first gas session with an in-depth presentation on the potential reserves of Shale Fuels, notably Shale Gas. After another chance for coffee, the final panel session of the Day “The Future role of Gas” was hosted by     Joachim Hockertz (Lietuvos Dujos) with panellist contributions from Edvins Karnitis (Public Utilities Commission), Elo Tamm, Szymon Polak (Ministry of Foreign Affairs Poland), Vygantas Vaitkus (NCC), Saulius Bilys and Jurga Lazauskiene. The key topics arising from this panel included the options for interconnectors, including LitPol and the impacts of the 3rd Energy Package, to which there was heated debate over its need in the Baltic region.

Day 2 provided the floor for the Renewable Energy industry and was opened with an excellent presentation from Simona Apostol-Siegl (UniCredit Leasing) on “Risk Standards: Mitigation in senior debt financing”. This was followed with a Panel Discussion on “Bankability of Renewable Energy Projects” hosted by Adam de Sola Pool (EIP), with contributions from Vytautas Bučiūnas (Swedbank), Simona Apostol-Siegl, Matti Hyyrynen (EBRD), Thomas Schmidt (EIB), Vilius Girkontas (Nordic Investment Bank). Key issues included risk mitigation strategies, difference between financing mechanisms and challenges for investors. Following the coffee break Gunnar Boye Olesen (INFORSE-Europe) presented on “New sustainable energy scenarios for Lithuania and the Baltic Region” offering examples from Denmark and other European countries. Ingrid Arus (Elering AS) then presented on “Building common Nordic-Baltic electricity market: preconditions and necessary actions” which provided an excellent TSO perspective. The final presentation in this session was from Nils Lannefors (Alstom Power) who provided an informative presentation regarding the challenge of climate change from a technology supplier perspective, including focus on biomass contribution and CCS.

The afternoon session was hosted by SB OFF.E.R. the Strategic Wind Partner for 2011, with presentations on various challenges facing the Offshore Wind sector in the South Baltic Sea region., as part of their 2nd Annual Stakeholder Meeting. Key topics included employment opportunities, cluster development and overcoming engineering challenges, legislative incentives were also mentioned as well as the role of public opinion. Presenters in this session include Christian Weiss (Rostock Business), Andreas Wagner (German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation), Mariusz Witoński (Polish Wind Energy Society), Tilman Schubert (Hydrogen Technology Initiative Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Reg. Association) and Stasys Paulauskas (LWEA). Kristor Poole Jonsson (Vestas) followed this session with a presentation on “A global wind manufacturer’s view of the Baltic wind power potential”.

The final session of the event allowed some of the key issues surrounding Wind development to be discussed further, including a debate on the role of onshore wind as well as offshore projects. This was hosted by Stasys Paulauskas with contributions from Miguel de Vasconcelos Ferreira (Megajoule), Mariusz Witoński, Andreas Wagner and Janis Meirans (Baltic Wind Park, Latvia).

The 3rd Annual Baltic Energy Conference provided an excellent platform for networking and idea sharing, with informative contributions from leading energy experts including debate on current and future issues. If you missed out on the live event you can download the event documentation and presentations, just follow the link on this page or contact our team energy@eelevents.co.uk.

If you are interested in being involved in our 2012 event please contact tom.popple@eelevents.co.uk for more information.

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