Poland & CEE Municipal Projects 2011

Our 2011 event united over 150 leading Ministries, Financial Institutions, Developers, Construction Companies, Law Firms, Municipalities, Advisors and more, in a dynamic 3-day event focusing on the development of the PPP market in Poland and the financing mechanisms available for municipal projects.

Key topics
•    The impact of public and municipal debt on projects
•    Bankability of municipal projects: What do financiers want?
•    The role of EIB, EBRD, Marguerite Fund and World Bank
•    Opportunities and challenges in Civic Buildings, Parking, Waste Management, Waste to Energy, Transport Infrastructure and Telecoms Infrastructure

Key speakers included
•    Mr Rafal Baniak, Vice Minister, Ministry of Economy
•    Mr Radoslaw Stepien, Undersecertary of State, Ministry of Infrastructure
•    Mr Eugenio Leanza, Head of JESSICA & Investment funds, EIB
•    Ms Marzena Rytel, Director of Public Sector Services, PwC
•    Ms Barbara Cendrowska, Operating Director, Bank Pekao S.A.
•    Mr Krzysztof Siwek, Director, Ministry of Regional Development
•    Mr Jean-Patrick Marquet, Director MEI, EBRD
•    Dr Goetz von Thadden, Principal Advisor, EPEC EIB
•    Mr Mathias Pahlke, Head of Infrastructure, NORD LB
•    Mr Kacper Kozlowski, Project Director, Investment Support

Opening with a pre-conference workshop, PwC, KDG, EBRD and Centrum PPP provided an interactive series of tutorials to engage municipalities in PPP and teach them about the project proposal process. Incorporating networking sessions, Day 1 provided a more relaxed and informal introduction to the issues surrounding PPP and municipal projects in Poland, allowing a knowledge foundation prior to the international conference.

Day 2 (18 October) opened with a welcoming address from Mr Michal Olszewski (Deputy Mayor of Warsaw) and Mr Rafal Baniak (Vice Minister, Ministry of Economy), outlining the future importance of Municipal projects in Poland and the role of PPP in financing these projects. This was further sustained by Mr Krzysztof Siwek (Director, Ministry of Regional Development) in his analysis of future projects in Poland under the PPP model. Mr Jean-Patrick Marquet (EBRD) and Mr Lukasz Dziekonski (Marguerite 2020 Fund) followed with a review of EU funds for municipal projects, in particular Waste Management, District Heating and Parking, as well as outlining financing guidelines and requirements. The session on Public financing closed with a panel discussion hosted by Mr Witold Grzybowski (Conference Chair), with contributions from all speakers and questions from the audience.

Following the theme of financing, the next session on Bankability of Municipal projects was opened with an excellent presentation from Mr Mathias Pahlke (NORD LB), receiving excellent feedback from the audience, this speech asked "is municipal project financing a profitable investment?". This was followed with a panel discussion hosted by Mr Kacper Kozlowksi (Investment Support) with contributions from Mr Piotr Galas (PKO BP), Ms Agnieszka Pietkun (Bank Pekao S.A.) and Mr Marcel Babczynski (Erste Bank). This panel provided an excellent debate on the bankability of municipal projects and started the discussion on specific project sectors, notably Waste Management and Civic Buildings.

Following an extended networking lunch session, the afternoon opened with the Civic Buildings session, hosted by Saritor. Mr Damian Michalak (KDG) opened highlighting the potential of Hybrid and alternative financing, focusing on Hospitals and Schools. Mr Philip Andrews (Saritor) followed with an inspiring presentation on PPP in civic projects, from a practitioner’s perspective, highlighting the need to support municipalities from grassroots, with developers acting as colleagues not clients. Mr Thomas Konermann (VAMED) and Mr Tim Challis (Hill) provided separate accounts of Health PPP projects, including Austrian and UK case studies. The session was closed with a panel discussion with additional contributions from Mr Maximillian Mendel (REAS), Mr Vincent Ladougne (Bouygues Batiment Int.) and Mr Michal Gramatyka (Tychy City Hall). The final session of the day discussed Parking PPPs, hosted by Mr Adam Jedrzejewski (IPPP), with contributions from Mr Csaba von Csiky (3E Parking), Mr Pawel Pawlowski (Warsaw City Hall) and Ms Lucyna Stanczak (EBRD).
The day was closed with an evening cocktail reception, an excellent opportunity to exchange business cards over a glass of wine.

Day 3 (19 October) focused on large scale municipal projects, opened with presentations from Dr Goetz von Thadden (EPEC EIB) on PPP in Energy Efficiency and Mr Eugenio Leanza (JESSICA EIB) on financing urban projects, including regeneration. Both presentations received a positive response from the audience, with subsequent questions on the impact on rural areas and the costs of PPP energy efficiency projects. Ms Barbara Cendrowska (Bank Pekao S.A.) discussed the financing requirements of municipal projects offering a detailed review of Waste Management projects. This theme was continued into the Waste Management session, opened by Mr Adam Zolnowski (PwC) discussing current legislation and project choice in Poland (Incineration vs. alternatives). Dr Marek Mrowczynski (MASTER) and Ms Anna Stachowiak (Poznan City Hall) followed with a municipal perspective, including a discussion of Tychy municipal waste sorting plant and Poznan Incineration plant. The discussion was closed with a panel hosted by PwC with the speakers and additional contributions from NORD LB, Marguerite 2020 Fund and Mr Piotr Karczewski (Ministry of Regional Development).

The debate then moved to Infrastructure projects, with a Mr Radoslaw Stepien (Ministry of Infrastructure) presenting on future projects in Poland at both a regional and national scale, including a debate on the role of PPP. This was aptly followed by Mr Roman Glowaczewski (Marshall Office of Lower Silesian Voivodeship) with a case study of the Lower Silesian PPP road project. A panel hosted by Mr Tony Stratfold (Intertoll Europe) closed the session with contributions from Ms Marzena Rytel (PwC), Mr Dieter Lobnig (Bank Pekao S.A.) and Mr Radoslaw Czapski (The World Bank). The Infrastructure session was closed with two excellent case study presentations on the Telecoms sector, Mr Maciej Midloch (WSS) showcasing a current High-Speed Broadband project in Poland and Ms Anne-Mari Leppinen (Suupohjan Seutuverkko) with a full municipality-owned FTTx network in Finland.

The event then closed with another networking session and a chance to collect the last free samples from our exhibitors Bytom and Pomorskie Municipalities.

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