4th Annual Turkey Energy Forum 2013

The 4th Annual Turkey Energy Forum took place in the prestigious 5* Elite World Hotel Taksim, in Istanbul on the 21 and 22 March 2013. It brought together over 100 international representatives from around the globe. E.E.L. Events would like to thank our Official Legal Partner Bezen & Partners, our Wind Energy Partner ATS and our Associate Sponsors TUV Rheinland. We would also like to thank all our event partners, media associates and our chairman, Mr Peter Grimsditch of Oxford Business Group.

The first day began with a welcoming address from our chairman, Peter Grimsditch (Oxford Business Group) who was quickly followed by Mr Atif Kir, the Project Group Head of the Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Privatization Administration. He spoke about government initiatives towards market liberation and the role of EMRA. Mr Aykut Bakirci of Bezen & Partners (Official Legal Partner) then took to the lectern to talk about the bankability of privatization projects in Turkey.

The following session focused on market trends and analysis with both Mr Basak Avci (Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency) and Mr Abdullah Tancan (EPDK) speaking on the impact of the 2023 strategy in the Turkish energy sector, highlighting the key regulatory changes over the last few months. The was followed by our first networking coffee break, sponsored by Bezen & Partners (Official Legal Partner).

Next on the agenda was bankability and risk session. Mr Farid Jafarov (SOCAR) spoke about the bankability of renewable energy investments in Turkey and was followed by Clare Rhodes-James (Mott Macdonald) who talked about risk identification and mitigation, highlighting the importance of due diligence. Claire then kindly chaired the following panel discussion which covered key issues regarding the bankability of Turkish energy projects. Other participants were Ms Ozlem Atabey (Isbank), Yesim Bezen (Bezen & Partners), Farid Jafarov (SOCAR), Jens Thomassen (Denham Capital) and Mehmed Sami Cavusoglu (DME Partners).

Following a much needed lunch break, the afternoon sessions focused on the gas market and the future of coal/lignite in Turkey. Mr Mehmet Erturk (EPDK) spoke regarding the role of gas storage for increasing security of supply, whilst Ms Katalin Romics (E.ON Foldgaz Storage) followed speaking about gas storage adding value to supplies from the Southern Corridor. Next up was Mr Muzaffer Basaran (FMR EUAS) who presented on the future of coal/lignite in Turkey. A panel discussion followed addressing the challenges facing coal powered power generation. Mr Peter Grimsditch (Oxford Business Group) chaired the discussion with further participation from Akyut Bakirci (Bezen & Partners), Tamer Turna (Yildirim Energy Investment) and Muzaffer Basaran (FMR EUAS). Not to mention our interactive audience who were contributing many key questions to the panel.

Our final presentation of the day was from Mr Mustafa Karahan from the Energy Traders Association. The presentation focused on opportunities for energy trading in Turkey and on establishing an effective Turkey Energy Exchange.

After a successful day of discussion about traditional energy, we moved to the luxurious bar area for the cocktail reception, giving the delegates a chance to swap business cards and talk about the days’ activities over a refreshing beverage.

Day 2 was focused on the renewable energy market in Turkey and began with a welcoming address from the undersecretary at the Ministry of Energy, Mr Selahattin Cimen. He mentioned how important it was for the Ministry to attend events such as ours and received many questions from the delegation. This was an ideal time for everyone to speak directly with the Ministry in public and was very well received.

Our opening session was looking at investing in the Turkish renewable energy market, focusing on risk management, tackling uncertainties and ensuring bankability. Ms Yesim Bezen from our Official Legal Partner, Bezen & Partners began the session with an overview of renewable in Turkey’s energy mix. This was followed by Mr Emrah Durusut (Element Energy) who presented on the maximising of renewable uptake through FiT’S, mentioning efficient policies and incentives. Prior to the first panel discussion of the day, Mr Mehmed Sami Cavusoglu discussed the bankability and risk management of renewable projects in Turkey.

Ms Isabelle Demir (HSBC) chaired the panel and was joined by Aygen Yayikoglu (Crescent Capital), Emrah Durusut (Element Energy), Barlas Balcioglu (Balcioglu Selcuk Akman Keki), Zeki Eris (Polat Enerji) and Andi Arantasi (EBRD) to discuss financing of renewable projects  and take questions from the active audience.

After the networking coffee break we returned hydrated and ready for our wind session. Up first was Mr Mustafa Serdar Ataseven who provided a case study looking at the wind energy market in Turkey, focusing on the opportunities and challenges involved. Following Mustafa was our Official Wind Partner, ATS. Mr John Kop provided an interesting presentation on maximising the efficiency of wind projects in remote regions. Further presentations were provided by Mr Joao Rocha (Megajoule) and Mr Geert Dooms (3E) respectively covering topics regarding streamlining wind project preparation and development, looking at how to reduce cost and also identifying and overcoming risks in the Turkish renewable energy market.
After an immaculate lunch, we moved into the final session of the conference, Solar Energy Analysis. Presentations were provided by our Associate Sponsors, TUV Rheinland with Mr Matthias Bott presenting on ensuring project efficiency, Mr Mustafa Tiris (T-Dinamik Energy), Mr Alexander Zachariou (Hellenic Solar Energy Association), Mr Nikola Gazdov (BPVA) and Mr Omer Cihan Karahan (Merk Solar). All topics were covered including a case study which focused of coping with a changing regulatory environment and the opportunities and threats related to solar investments.

Mr Peter Grimsditch then closed the conference with a few choice comments and everyone retired to the networking area for a coffee and to share further business cards.
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