3rd edition Turkey Private Equity & Venture Capital Summit

The 3rd edition of Turkey Private Equity and Venture Capital Forum took place in the prestigious 5* Elite World Hotel Taksim, in Istanbul on the 21 June 2013. It brought together over 100 international representatives from around the globe. E.E.L. Events would like to thank our Official Legal Partner Bezen & Partners. We would also like to thank all our event partners, media associates and our chairman, Mr Christopher Gaunt from the British Chamber of Commerce of Turkey.


The first session began with a welcoming address from our chairman, Christopher Gaunt (British Chamber of Commerce of Turkey) who was quickly followed by Mr. Ahmet Iplikci from ISPAT, Turkey. He spoke about the macroeconomic overview and key trends, along with the advantages of investing in Turkey, and understanding Turkish business culture and practices. Mr. Jose Romano followed swiftly, providing the audience with an interesting presentation on the perspective from an LP. 

Our Official Legal Sponsor Bezen & Partners took over the following session, which was presented by Ms. Nadia Cansun. Ms Cansun presented on the Business and Legal considerations for investing in Turkey, discussing the legal frameworks and how the implementation of the newly introduced Commercial Code can help investors overcome challenges.

After the coffee break, the conference resumes with a presentation from Mr. Eren Saricoglu from The Carlyle Group, discussing key market deals in 2013, and best strategic practices in delivering exceptional ROI in Turkey. Mr. Serkan Elden from capitAlinka Investments followed with an interesting presentation on investment platform in Turkey within the Eurasian context. The presentation was followed by the first panel discussion of the day, discussing the Private Equity experience in Turkey, which was expertly chaired by Mr. Tayfun  Ozkan from Gozde Private Equity. Panellists included Mr. Alim Murat Ozgen (Is Private Equity), Mr. Jenak Jeren Goktan, (Unlu Private Equity), Mr. Claus Mansfeldt (UniCredit Bank), Ms Nadia Cansun (Bezen & Partners). 

A presentation followed by Mr. Alaz Eker Undar and Ugur Sebzeci from Bezen & Partners, on funding structures, discussing equity injection and effects on debt financing. 

Following a much needed lunch break, the afternoon sessions focused on Venture Capital and Angel Investment in Turkey. The first session was presented by Mr. Dogan Taskent from Arkan and Ergin (JPA International) and Ms. Asli Gozoren from Keiretsu Forum, discussing the growth potential of VC and angel investment opportunities, identifying a gap for the type of investments within the Turkish market.  Mr Guray Vural from the Delegation of the European Union to Turkey followed, with a presentation on EU Financial Assistance to Turkey. 

The conference resumed with the second panel discussion of the day, discussing the future of Venture Capital in Turkey, impacts of the new government incentives, and the challenges and opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs. Mr. Kutlu Kazanci, The Founder Institute of Turkey chaired the panel, which was joined by Mr. Ali H. Karabey (212), Mr. Richard Henderson, ( MTI Ventures, UK) , Mr. Ersoy Kiraz (Doga Ventures, Turkey) and Mr. Cem Sertoglu (Earlybird Venture Capital). 

After the afternoon coffee break, the conference proceeded with a session on accessing the Turkish mid-market and engaging with family businesses. Mr. Markus Slevogt from Slevogt Consult in Turkey, chaired the Panel discussion on the Challenges engaging and competing with SMEs and mid-market players. The panellists included Mr. Kerim Kotan (Pragma Corporate Finance), Mr. Eren Kuraner (Eurasia Capital Partners), Mr. Ismail Keskinoglu (Keskinoglu Group), Mr. Alp Saul (Pronet) and Mr. Selale Zaim (Zaim A.S). 

The conference resumed with the last session of the day, discussing Growth Strategies and Value Creation. Mr. Noah Lewis from GE Ventures, United States, followed with a presentation, assessing the value and growth prospects of underlying portfolio companies. 

The presentation was followed by the last panel discussion of the day, which discussed accessing new markets and maximising competitiveness, which was chaired by Mr. Erdogan Cesmeli (GE Ventures, Turkey) and joined by panellists Mr. Cenk Erden (Intertrust Group), Mr. Robert Romain, (Pera Capital Partners) and Ali Kamalov (Pasa Holding). 

Mr. Christopher Gaunt then closed the conference with a few choice comments and everyone retired to the networking area for the cocktail reception.


EEL Events would once again like to thank our sponsors, partners, speakers and delegates for a fantastic and successful conference. 


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