Industrial Internet of Things CE & SEE

Deriving value from digital transformation & innovation in manufacturing & logistics


18-19 Jun 2018

Starting at 9am


Prague, Czech Republic

Hotel Grand Majestic Plaza

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Overview of the event

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The manufacturing industry is currently undergoing a digital revolution as connected devices are having a positive impact on operations, quality, and cost-savings. Aggregating huge amounts of data, Industry 4.0 – or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) networks intelligent devices; but the key for business leaders is how to enhance the data, how to draw the business value from digital transformation and innovation in the manufacturing sector.

This two-day conference showcases some early case studies – the success stories which have delivered ROI back to their businesses’ bottom line. A series of debates will unravel for delegates real insight into how the IIOT is re-shaping business models, by using customer-centric data to re-define connected products.

Those manufacturing companies which don’t employ IIOT solutions will undoubtedly get left behind.  Be warned, the disruptors are utilising IIOT applications not only to improve their efficiencies but to re-engineer their business offerings.

The IIOT helps end users in manufacturing to optimise processes and costs in the following ways:

- Driving efficiencies in manufacturing & the supply chain

- Reducing costs

- Reducing production downtime

- reducing operational risks

- Improving quality control and quality control processes

- Enriching sustainable practices

- Providing transparency in the supply chain

- Providing customer-centric connected products

Researched specifically for the Central and South East Europe market, and brought to you by EEL Events, this two-day conference provides Technical Directors (the users), IT (the gatekeepers) & business leaders (budget signatories) in manufacturing, supply chain & logistics companies with an end-to-end strategy. 


Hotel Grand Majestic Plaza

Prague Truhlarska 16, 110 00 Prague, Czech Republic

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